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Welcome to Lifted Village

Words, glorious words!
I write them, speak them, design them, print them, and decorate with them.
I’ve made a career out of crafting words for walls, home decor and signs, and I am happiest when thinking up some new project that will make the world more beautiful! Lifted Village is where I share those ideas, whether it's clever ways to add words to your home decor or how to make your next gathering more meaningful with the words you share.
I’ve spent fifteen years creating vinyl lettering and signs. My printshop is filled with digital svg files, prints, and canvases designed to lift and cheer your living space with the power and delight of words!
It all started nearly twenty years ago when I found myself divorced with two young boys to raise alone and no marketable skills to provide for them. I somehow convinced the owner of a small flower shop to finance my purchase of her commercial building and take a gamble on learning the ropes of owning my own business. What unfolded was a wonderful tale of living over a shop, business ventures, motherhood, and steep learning curves. It took me no time at all to realize I had no gift for designing flowers and within just a few months had swapped out the flowers for vinyl lettering. I raised my sons over that little sign shop where my love of words and people blossomed and grew.
My boys are all grown now and have recently left home to make their own way in the world. I am left feeling grateful for the many friends and customers that lifted me and my children along the way. There were so many people that made it possible for us to beat the odds and find a life that has become a beautiful canvas of people, projects, printing and potlucks!
On my blog, I get to pay that lifting forward and talk about the things that have lifted me along the way: my love of gathering people, the happiness found in creativity, the gift of entrepreneurship, and the sheer joy that printers bring me .  .  .  all dappled with pictures of Newberg, Oregon, one of the most beautiful valleys in America.
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